Roof Replacement Service


Roof Replacement in Temple, TX

Every roof has a lifespan.

There will come a time when doing maintenance or repairs just won't be enough when this happens, you may require a whole roof replacement. Ron Bickel Roofing as served the Bell county area for more than 40 years providing new roofs for all situations. No company can compare to the quality and service we provide with your new roof or minor maintenance over the years of a previously installed roof by Ron Bickel Roofing. We stand behind our work when others don't.

Hail Damage Roof Replacement

In central Texas and all over the map in Texas we face extreme weather every year.

This means we need to have roof inspected regularly to see what kind of damaged or if any has occurred over the past year or years. Ron Bickel Roofing is a company that insurance companies know and trust because of working with us for the past decades. When calling your insurance company more than likely they will ask you to have a roofing company come out and check your roof for any damage. Insurance companies definitely want you to have a reputable company come out for your inspection. They want a company that they can trust to evaluate your roof honestly. Ron Bickel Roofing would never try and sell you a roof replacement if you didn't truly need one. Call us today for a free inspection.

What Separates Us From The Rest

Here at Ron Bickel Roofing we still install roofs the old-fashioned way...

Yes hammer and nail. We know this way is longer than using a nail gun, but we have seen many downsides of using a nail gun over the years of repairing shingles that were put on by a nail gun. The two things we have found that are the most important is shooting through the shingle with an overpowered gun and last is not nailing in the correct spot on the shingle because installers work to fast. We stand behind our work and offer a five-year labor warranty. Most roofing contractors have not been in business for five years. Call us for a free quote.